Jamie Oliver TED Talk Reflection

The main idea that Jamie Oliver was trying to tell us was that we should change the way we feed ourselves and the ones around us. So many people lose their lives just because of the way they eat. He tries to get us to eat less junk food and sugar. My take-away was that maybe I should eat healthier too, I do eat chips and drink sugary drinks sometimes so maybe I should cut down on those snacks. It affects me because I have some friends who are dealing with obesity and after watching this video I think I am going to help him. America isn’t the only place that deals with obesity either, this definitely talks to everyone.

“The Economics of Happiness” Reflection

I really don’t understand how they come up with these facts, they don’t really back up anything. I don’t agree with everything the documentary said because I am a consumer myself and I admit, I am biased about this. I agree that the lower class people are affected by globalization but I do not think that they should give up. There will still be some people that buy their products. I do believe that the farmers are targeted by terrorist groups. I forgot who said it but I think it was either Nur or Stanley. They said that if the farmers are unhappy and desperate, they will have no choice but to join a terrorist group. This sounds to me like a documentary I watched about how the world is changing for the worse. It explained that if we keep polluting, not caring for our world, etc., our world will become a wasteland. Did the creators go out and ask people for an opinion or did they just research facts? In my opinion they should say how they gathered all their information (for the 8 reasons why globalization is bad).

Mentor Meeting #2

Meeting Date: April 28 2015
Meeting Time: 10:25
Meeting Location: Room 215

What I achieved this week: I have planned my action, this week I will choose items for the baskets and I will deliver the baskets to the hospital.

What T-skills have I developed and used: Communication, Self Management and Social

What I need to do this week: I have to make sure the baskets get delivered and I have to collect items for the baskets.

Mentor Comment: Ali you’ve done a really good job of organising yourself and coming up with a meaningful action.  I think you’ve done really well at finding something that is meaningful and connects with your passion and issue.  Make sure you select items for your basket that are appropriate for those receiving them.  Good luck at the hospital.  I think it’s going to be a great experience.

W3 Teacher Meeting #1

Meeting Date:  April 15
Meeting Time:  1:30
Meeting Location: 6R

What I achieved this week: I finished the rough draft of my introduction (personal essay). I verified my action. I started my action plan chart. I had an amazing meeting with Mr. Johnson.

What T-skills have I developed and used: Social, Self-management.

What I need to do this week: I have to prepare posters and baskets for my action. I have to work on my personal essay. I have to see if I can connect the hospital with the comedian. Maybe I will have a comedy show for the kids with cancer.

Teacher Comment:

Ali you are well on your way!  Organised, ambitious and in control, you have made a strong connection between your passion and your issue.  For someone like you, it is best to do a meaningful action like you are planning, outside of the IICS community and a bit out of your normal circle of influence. :)

Mentor Meeting #1

Meeting Date: April 14 2015
Meeting Time: 10:25 AM
Meeting Location: Secondary Admin Office

What I achieved this week: Clarified the direction of the project. We also came up with more specific actions.

What T-skills have I developed and used: Social.

What I need to do this week: I have to reach to the hospital and the comedian(s). I have to do more research for my questions.  I need to find evidence of how comedy helps heal cancer.

Mentor Comment: It looks like you’ve got a great topic.  Clarifying the connection between cancer and laughter will be helpful; make sure you know how it helps heal those who are sick.  I encourage you to take meaningful action (hospital visit) in place of/addition to raising money.  You’re a well spoken, organised student.  Keep working hard.

Week 1

I think that this week was really productive. I’m very excited for my first mentor meeting. All of my friends say that he is very nice. This week I used my time too wisely because I thought ahead… a lot. I thought about my action and what I can do. I have been challenged with my passion choice, I was either going to choose: rap, tennis or comedy (I chose comedy). I think that I will draft my work and start planning. This week everything went perfectly. I stayed caught up and I did all my work. I used social skills (emailing my mentor) and research (researching my issue).


Reading Response Letter #10 (last)

LAST READING RESPONSE!!! I really like this book, it’s name is Diary of a Sixth Grade Ninja. It’s about a kid (Chase) who actually had to betray his own cousin (Zoe) to get in the club.


So now Chase isn’t very comfortable with the things he is doing in the club (he can’t leave). But the ninjas serve him cookies and soda so he is kind of in the middle. My favorite character would probably be Brayden because he calls himself the werewolf hunter and he always makes me laugh. My least favorite would probably be the gym teacher because all he does is just sit around all day. The saddest part in the book is probably when Zoe has to steal her best friends purse.


Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed and have a nice summer! P.S I hope that you don’t think my letter is too short. P.P.S I had my b-day party today so I had to rush a little.


Music Concert Reflection

I LOVED this concert!!! It was one of the most fun experiences throughout the year. My favorite part was when we played ‘Oh Susanna’ and ‘Skip to my Lou’ because they were very tough for me when I first saw them, and now when I saw other people having trouble with it reminded me of myself about two or three months ago. I was sitting on the edge of the row which meant that I had lots of space to move around (compared to everyone else). Overall I think I did 10/10 because Mr. Spackman said I was one of the best wind players in the whole orchestra!


Reading Response Letter #9

Dear Ms Wachowiak,


İ finished a book called Say Cheese – and Die Screaming. What I hate about the book is that there is this guy named Dave and he shows off to Julie (main character), he is so mean! What I enjoy about the book is that the main character is very kind, funny and a great artist!


Plus, the book is very exciting because the chapters end with a little mystery to get you to end with a question in your mind. The scariest thing in the book was probably when Julie took a picture of the schools best basketball player and her arm got cut off (in the picture AND in real life). Also I really want to know how the camera actually works (I WANT THE CAMERA!!!)

The turning point was when she found out that the camera had strange powers. The connection I have with the main character is that I feel like one day I can find something magical. I loved the book because it was kind of scary and fun at the same time! I would recommend this book because it’s just overall an awesome book.


The book makes me feel happy because I have amazing friends, no bullies at our school and no bad stuff in my life (almost). For me this book and the Goosebumps series are great because they are just my type of books.

Sincerely, Ali

IKEA Reflection

At IKEA we had to look for the things we need in our bedroom and we measured it, looked at how much money we had to pay and we pretended to buy it. Our budget was 2800 TL so we had to buy everything we needed but it had to be under 2800 TL. Back at school we had to make a scale of our dream bedroom. We divided everything by 20 because we were making the scale 20 times smaller than the real thing. I had some trouble with finding the names of the item since I only recorded the SCU number of the item, but then I Google searched the SKU number and then it gave me the name. I am almost finished! Thanks for reading!


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